knowledge: next level

To bring my knowledge to the next level I did some research. This is my summary to promote my brain-performance:

  • brain-gym:
    Some research tells that you improve your brain-performance by doing some strange movements. You can find some strange exercise just by google it. But as well you can do this just by going out and jogging.  I go for running one to two time a week. And this is how you can activate every part in your brain.
  • extend knowledge:
    It is important to get that much knowledge as possible. You should go for that knowledge that you are interested in and soak up everything that you get. One point to do this is the following.
  • books:
    If you read a half to a hour a day you probably read one book a week. That is huge because like this you get around 50 books in a year. So now check yourself. How many books do you read. Compare this level with 50 books a year. Probably you miss knowledge of 44 to 49 books every year. It is good do increase your reading-speed before starting reading now. And if you do not have the time to read than implement it into some of your basic tasks that you do everyday. If you travel 30 min. a day to go for work you have two times 30 min. to read in the train or hear some read book while driving in the car. Remember the difference between doing it and just going on like normal are around 46 books a year. A lot of knowledge …
  • brain-jogging:
    As well you can go for brain-jogging. For me I do not like to do this because I rather like to kick my brain in normal tasks like: Learn phone-numbers, learn facts that you read or heard, play poker or chess, … I would never have fun while playing this “brain-jogging” games. But I think there are a lot of things that you can do instead of this while reaching the same: Good activities in both brain-parts!

As well there are some point promote my creativity:

  • breaks:
    If you go for breaks you do not waste time if you relax in a good way. If you relax both of your brain-parts communicate a lot – which is pretty rar. As well it is good to think about things that you learned so anyway you should go for some breaks if possible every day.
  • classic-music // alpha waves:
    Based on some researches classic music has the perfect frequency to promote your brain. So if you hear some of this music of better play some classic instruments it would be good to improve your brain-activities. If you do not like classic music, you should try some alpha waves (search on youtube).
  • know everything in your business:
    To create new ideas in your business you need to have the best basic that someone is able to have. So you should know everything about your business. One of many examples: The founder of the plain worked as bicycle-manufacturer. They had a lot of knowledge in wheels and frameworks. Without this knowledge probably they never had developed a working plain.

To break my limits I’d like to:

  • go for new experiences:
    If you see new places in the world, try some new sport, read some new books, discuss with people that you do not know, play some new games or do other new things you extend your mindset and expand your horizon. As well this will help you to stay creative and get some new influences with some new aspects. Do not miss this!
  • idea-book:
    As well you always should be able to note ideas in a idea-book. You can use your phone with OneNote for this or just having a physical small book with you. Note everything to avoid loosing cool ideas. Some of them will be small ideas. But if you note them they can grow easy.
  • passion vs luck:
    Passion is another thing that is necessary to reach difficult targets. With passion you can avoid the need of luck. Here is an example: There is a fisher and everyone tells him that it is stupid to go for fishing a super-rar-fish, because if he go out now he will get the fish for just lets say 1 %. Buf if the fisher really wants to reach this goal and having a picture with him and the super rar fish in his hand he will go out and do this for ten thousand times. While doing this he do not need to has some luck. He will get it anyway because he will do it for ten thousand times.

To improve my memory I should go for:

  • mental mailbox:
    A mental mailbox is a link between the information that you want to remember and something that is build by a system that makes you easy remember that things. For example you can use your body for this. So look to your right foot, your knees and waist. So now imaging a the white house which is in Washington standing in a small version on your foot. Next on your knees you can see Adam and Eva eating the red apple. And at your waist is your son eating something from the bistro “Jeffer”. And if you go on with more parts of your body and more of that things you will check out that you know every name of the american president in sequence.

    • 1st -> Washington
    • 2nd -> Adams
    • 3rd -> Jefferson
  • 10 or more – body or house:
    If you run well with this pattern you can go for more than 10 while using your house. Do not think about your body. Do think about one room in your house for 10 information. In the next room you will store the next 10 information and so on … With this you are able to store about 100 and more information about a subject.
  • “geist ist geil”:
    While doing this you can use the knowledge that you learned. It is really impressive if someone can give you the 26st president of america. In Germany I call it “geist ist geil” which means something like spirit is awesome.

How to remember numbers:

  • fast calculations:
    There are a lot of methods to calculate fast without using a calculator or something like this. While using this methods instead of using a calculator you improve your ability to calculate and promote your brain. You can find a lot of them by using google. I will not list them here right now.
  • one number – one picture:
    As well to remember numbers you allways should have a system like the mental mailbox. Use a picture for every number – for example: 0 = an Egg, … As well you should learn it in pair like this:
    0158273 -> 01 – 58 – 27 – 3
    With this you have a pair of words that you combine to create a story or something else that link it together.
  • relaxe, practice and do not give up:
    This pattern needs some time to practice and if you fail you have to go on. So do not give up if it does not work in the first days and carry on.

Some points to learn new languages:

  • fail no 1:
    If you ask people if they learn some languages right now .. the most will tell you that they do not. Most of them give up learning languages before beginning it. This is the fail no 1. Do not do this like them. Do not give up learning a language because you think you do not have talent.
  • link it:
    Like learning numbers or everything else you should like every world that you want to learn with as much as possible things in your head. This will help you to remember the things in a better way.