routing-table basics

Every router use a routing table to control the data-flow. Sometimes you have to set up the table. With this steps you can easy define the data-flow:

  1. Describe the local networks
  2. Describe the rest of all networks opposed to the standard-route
  3. Describe the standard-route (

The standard route is the way through the network to the internet. If there is no internet connection you have to define the standard-route but probably you have an internet connection.

Lets do this with an example:


We want to set up the routing table for the router “West”.

  • (local) – by step 1
  • (next network opposed to the standard route) – by step 2
  • (standard route) – by step 3

Thats all to checkout the entries for the routing table.

One further thing: metric.

Metric are the units of the “hops”. If we are router “West” and we want to have the metric for the networks and = local = 0 hops => metric = 0 = 1 hop => metric = 1

Thats all …