preceived competence

After reading “Überzeugt” (eng.: convinced) by Jack Nasher here are some point that I will try to implement:

  • priming: remember why you are the best to modify your subconscious and send out competence
  • do not be modest with your core competence
  • if you have to announce positive things show maximal presence – if you have to announce negative things don’t
  • if you have to announce mistakes than say it clearly and than switch to a positive point
  • anytime you tell the good things than the negative and finish with the second-best point
  • show how hard it is/was to accomplish the target and if you could not get it: link to problems that were not your fault
  • do not show that you invest your live to accomplish a target – it was easy …
  • speak a little bit faster than normal, clearly, fluently and a little bit deeper and louder than the average
  • use a great treasury of words and do not repeat some words
  • look into other eyes if you are talking and try to avoid eye-contact if the other is talking
  • have a good difference between you and the other people like 1,5 m
  • stand a little bit diagonally to other
  • make sure that you are taller than the other – if they are taller try to make all sitting – if you are taller try to stand next to them
  • sit a little bit relaxed and try to sit on the bedside of the table if you are not in a country that has a problem with this
  • use the the “halo”- effect
  • be attractive as possible
  • make sure that you wear the clothes for your next job – not the job that you do right now