visual studio shortcuts for debugging

First of all it is necessary to check out if you really want to debug while running the code. Anytime I look a developer starting the application I see him using the full debug-mode. The full debug-mode is slower and has some parts to do that you do not need if you do not want to debug actually. So first thing that I recommend to you is using [Ctrl + F5] to run the code. As well do not use a mouse. You are faster if you work with your keyboard as much as possible. If you really need to go to the debug mode you can use just [F5] do start the full-debug-mode. To set breakpoints you can use [F9].

While debugging you three basic ways to go throw the code. The first one is used by [F10] and will go over the next statement. To step into a function or a method you can use [F11]. To step out of a function or a method you can use [Shift + F11].

One further thing: To go to the next breakpoint you can use [F5] as well.